Innovation Portfolio


This company develops and markets high quality, anti-aging skin care products, based on natural ingredients and backed by science via a university collaboration. The company has RCT clinical data that shows improvement over leading brands for one of its anti-aging products. Product range is wide and sold in pharmacies.

This company sells an avocado powder for incorporation into products such as nutraceuticals or cosmetics. This represents a new way of utilising a food that has high awareness among consumers of its health benefits.

This company has produced a water-based drink containing microencapsulated probiotics, using a patented microencapsulation technology. Microencapsulation of the probiotics has been shown to allow survival in a simulated gastric environment (pH1.3) for 2 hours, for delivery and release in a simulated intestinal environment (>pH 7).

Hollow silica based microcapsule technology that can be used to deliver a range of antibiotic molecules. The microcapsules have small hair-like silica protrusions on their surface that reduce degradation while providing enhanced skin binding, reducing wastage. In vitro trials of encapsulated lysozyme (a natural antibiotic) have shown 100% inhibition of E coli (compared to 57% with conventional microcapsules). The vesicles can be customized to suit differing actives.

This company develops and sells a range of CE marked products for dry eye; ear, nose & throat (ENT) ailments; and wound care. These products are classified as medical devices and include standardised medical honeys (including Manuka). The company has indicative clinical data for several products and is searching for strategic partners.

This technology is used for targeted oral delivery of short chain fatty acids to the colon for gut health. This targeted delivery method aims to overcome previous unsuccessful supplementation due to digestion of these acids in the small intestine. This offers a new method for a partner to incorporate these fatty acids into foods, beverages, or supplements to improve gut health.

This start-up company has created a new pod-based delivery system for use in the beverage market. The pods are attached to and disperse their ingredients (e.g. protein powder or baby formula) into a single serve companion vessel, which can then be shaken and drunk. This creates an appealing convenient ‘on the go’ format for health conscious consumers.

This company is marketing a relaxation beverage containing plant extracts. The active ingredient has shown a significant reduction in anxiety in an initial trial. Opportunity exists for investment in the company and there may be potential to use the key ingredient in other products.

This company has developed an encapsulation technology for active ingredients. They are currently launching a probiotic drink, but have demonstrated encapsulation of multiple other actives, including omega 3. This would be a low cost, bulk method of adding health benefits to food and supplements.