Innovation Portfolio


This company develops and markets high quality, anti-aging skin care products, based on natural ingredients and backed by science via a university collaboration. The company has RCT clinical data that shows improvement over leading brands for one of its anti-aging products. Product range is wide and sold in pharmacies.

This company has developed an encapsulation technology for active ingredients. They are currently launching a probiotic drink, but have demonstrated encapsulation of multiple other actives, including omega 3. This would be a low cost, bulk method of adding health benefits to food and supplements.

Company commercialising low GI functional dietary fibre ingredients from sugarcane. They use a process that results in a sugar-reduced, gluten-free powdered product. This has potential as a lower cost ingredient to increase dietary fibre in food for gut health and increased satiety.

The company is a manufacturer and marketer of nanofibers for applications ranging from air filters to cosmetics. Further, it has developed know-how that enables the manufacture biologically active nano-fibres (either directly as a result of a biological starting material or embedding nano-fibres with bioactive molecules) for life science applications at commercial scale.

Company with a potential non-antibiotic treatment for gastrointestinal diseases in humans. Based on a fruit-derived active, the company has strong data from animal uses of its product. We see an opportunity here for licensing or co-development of the human applications.

This company is developing sublingual tocotrienols as nutraceuticals, supplements, and pharmaceuticals for exercise endurance and recovery, as well as heart health. This delivery method is uncommon, particularly in the Vitamin E space. The company’s progress may therefore be of interest to a company looking to take a position in this growing space.

This company uses software-based testing for assessing and monitoring cognition, particularly in clinical trials and healthcare. They currently have agreements in place with several large multinationals for the use of their tests. There is potential for the use of these tests or the company’s underlying capabilities by a company with an interest in cognitive improvement.

Seed company developing a nasal spray treatment and preventative for the common cold. Pilot proof of concept study demonstrated 3x efficacy over current OTC cold medications. Would be relevant as a nasally delivered cold treatment product.