Innovation Portfolio


This company has produced a water-based drink containing microencapsulated probiotics, using a patented microencapsulation technology. Microencapsulation of the probiotics has been shown to allow survival in a simulated gastric environment (pH1.3) for 2 hours, for delivery and release in a simulated intestinal environment (>pH 7).

This start-up company has created a new pod-based delivery system for use in the beverage market. The pods are attached to and disperse their ingredients (e.g. protein powder or baby formula) into a single serve companion vessel, which can then be shaken and drunk. This creates an appealing convenient ‘on the go’ format for health conscious consumers.

This company creates meals for people with issues swallowing and eating. In contrast to many currently available dysphagia foods, these are developed to be both nutritious and appealing.

The company has developed a beverage system that counters the physiological stresses associated with aeroplane travel. It is one of very few (three companies globally to our knowledge) companies that is developing a product targeting medium to long haul travellers. Compared to its direct competitors, this company has the strongest scientific foundation backing the effectiveness of its product.

This seed stage company has developed a natural formulation to increase lactation. The company has anecdotal evidence of its efficacy in a small trial. We see an opportunity for a more established company to take this formula to market.