Innovation Portfolio


This group has capabilities in the development of biocides in a broad range of industries including packaging, air and water quality, medical products and healthcare, and construction. A variety of researchers from different organisations work together to develop, apply, and optimise novel or natural-hybrid biocides. Researchers are able to work with companies on industrial projects.

This company has produced a water-based drink containing microencapsulated probiotics, using a patented microencapsulation technology. Microencapsulation of the probiotics has been shown to allow survival in a simulated gastric environment (pH1.3) for 2 hours, for delivery and release in a simulated intestinal environment (>pH 7).

This start-up company has created a new pod-based delivery system for use in the beverage market. The pods are attached to and disperse their ingredients (e.g. protein powder or baby formula) into a single serve companion vessel, which can then be shaken and drunk. This creates an appealing convenient ‘on the go’ format for health conscious consumers.

This company is marketing a relaxation beverage containing plant extracts. The active ingredient has shown a significant reduction in anxiety in an initial trial. Opportunity exists for investment in the company and there may be potential to use the key ingredient in other products.

This company has developed an encapsulation technology for active ingredients. They are currently launching a probiotic drink, but have demonstrated encapsulation of multiple other actives, including omega 3. This would be a low cost, bulk method of adding health benefits to food and supplements.

The company has developed an ingredient to promote sleep. The product uses melatonin in its natural form in milk, rather than synthetically producing it or extracting it from other lower melatonin sources. This ingredient could be incorporated in a tailor made product for improving sleep and cognition, or reducing stress.

This company creates meals for people with issues swallowing and eating. In contrast to many currently available dysphagia foods, these are developed to be both nutritious and appealing.

New Zealand company marketing medicinal plant-based remedies for a variety of body care and health issues. Strong appeal and market growth in Asia based on speed of preparation and high quality organic ingredients. Potential for co-development and distribution.

The company has developed a beverage system that counters the physiological stresses associated with aeroplane travel. It is one of very few (three companies globally to our knowledge) companies that is developing a product targeting medium to long haul travellers. Compared to its direct competitors, this company has the strongest scientific foundation backing the effectiveness of its product.