Innovation Portfolio


This company has selectively bred a GMO-free wholegrain that is rich in dietary fibre (2x) and resistant starch (4x). Human studies indicate improved glycaemic control compared to current wholegrains. The grain is being used as an ingredient for several publically available products claiming improved gastrointestinal health. Potential opportunity for food companies to utilise the grain as a high value food ingredient.

This company is marketing a relaxation beverage containing plant extracts. The active ingredient has shown a significant reduction in anxiety in an initial trial. Opportunity exists for investment in the company and there may be potential to use the key ingredient in other products.

This company has developed an encapsulation technology for active ingredients. They are currently launching a probiotic drink, but have demonstrated encapsulation of multiple other actives, including omega 3. This would be a low cost, bulk method of adding health benefits to food and supplements.

Company commercialising low GI functional dietary fibre ingredients from sugarcane. They use a process that results in a sugar-reduced, gluten-free powdered product. This has potential as a lower cost ingredient to increase dietary fibre in food for gut health and increased satiety.

The company sells a bioactive peppery extract derived from an indigenous plant. The company’s current range of products is marketed for consumer health, but the plant also has a peppery flavour that sees it used as a food seasoning. Food and beverage manufacturers seeking a spicy new flavour, a functional ingredient, or a natural preservative could further develop extract as an ingredient based on its taste and functional properties.

An Australian organization is undertaking multifaceted research aimed at discovering novel approaches for healthier food formulations. As such, the researchers have developed a patented predictive computational flavor model, an instrument that provides measures of gustometry and olfactometry simultaneously, and, a three dimensional virtual mouth (device) to study the physics of chewing and its relationship with flavor release/perception.

The company is one of the world’s largest commercial Indian sandalwood producers. It is fully vertically integrated with operations comprising large-scale cultivation, plantation, and processing, as well as sales and distribution. The company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on attractive global supply/demand dynamics and the expected price inflation of Indian sandalwood products.