Innovation Portfolio


This company sells an avocado powder for incorporation into products such as nutraceuticals or cosmetics. This represents a new way of utilising a food that has high awareness among consumers of its health benefits.

This company has selectively bred a GMO-free wholegrain that is rich in dietary fibre (2x) and resistant starch (4x). Human studies indicate improved glycaemic control compared to current wholegrains. The grain is being used as an ingredient for several publically available products claiming improved gastrointestinal health. Potential opportunity for food companies to utilise the grain as a high value food ingredient.

This technology is used for targeted oral delivery of short chain fatty acids to the colon for gut health. This targeted delivery method aims to overcome previous unsuccessful supplementation due to digestion of these acids in the small intestine. This offers a new method for a partner to incorporate these fatty acids into foods, beverages, or supplements to improve gut health.

This company is marketing a relaxation beverage containing plant extracts. The active ingredient has shown a significant reduction in anxiety in an initial trial. Opportunity exists for investment in the company and there may be potential to use the key ingredient in other products.

This company has developed an encapsulation technology for active ingredients. They are currently launching a probiotic drink, but have demonstrated encapsulation of multiple other actives, including omega 3. This would be a low cost, bulk method of adding health benefits to food and supplements.

The company has developed an ingredient to promote sleep. The product uses melatonin in its natural form in milk, rather than synthetically producing it or extracting it from other lower melatonin sources. This ingredient could be incorporated in a tailor made product for improving sleep and cognition, or reducing stress.

The company specializes in molecular filtration and extraction solutions. The core technology underpinning their business is molecularly imprinted polymers. The company has developed a unique technique which has dramatically reduced the time and cost required to design and produce polymers – a key limitation of technology to date. This has enabled the technology to be applied to mass market applications

Company selling natural medicines based on specific clinical evidence, including products for improving energy, cognitive function, immunity, gut health and fat loss. The company could be a source of botanical compounds/extracts/blends for new product development initiatives.

Company commercialising low GI functional dietary fibre ingredients from sugarcane. They use a process that results in a sugar-reduced, gluten-free powdered product. This has potential as a lower cost ingredient to increase dietary fibre in food for gut health and increased satiety.

The company is a manufacturer and marketer of nanofibers for applications ranging from air filters to cosmetics. Further, it has developed know-how that enables the manufacture biologically active nano-fibres (either directly as a result of a biological starting material or embedding nano-fibres with bioactive molecules) for life science applications at commercial scale.