Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia have been named as the world’s first, fourth, and fifteenth most attractive foreign investment nations by a US economic think tank.

The Milken Institute recently released its annual Global Opportunity Index, which ranks countries within a framework of costs and conditions of doing business. It is particularly policy focused but also considers economic variables. Most of the top positions are held by developed countries that are transparent and have long-term strategies in place to encourage investment.

“The Milken Institute’s Global Opportunity Index is both descriptive and prescriptive,” says report co-author Heather Wickramarachi. “The higher the country scores in the index, the greater the inflow of foreign direct investment. With the pending normalization of monetary policy by developed countries, it will be more important than ever that developing countries are attractive places for investment. We hope our Global Opportunity index helps both countries and companies understand the most productive policies and investment opportunities.”

As we at BioPacific Partners highlight under ‘The Region’ here, while there is strong government support, New Zealand and Australia are highly private economies with a large proportion of unlisted companies. For global companies looking to make investments in this region it can therefore be difficult to know where to look. We are able to provide these connections and analysis based on our position within these networks. We work to find opportunities before they become public, allowing access to innovation at an early stage. Our Innovation Portfolio highlights several of these examples.

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By Emma Armitage, Business Analyst, BioPacific Partners

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