CSIRO: A lens on contact lenses

Media interest has focused in on contact lenses recently after a 23-year-old student left her lenses in for six months, with terrible results.

The year this unlucky woman was born, Australia’s national science agency (CSIRO) and their partners produced the first extended-wear contact lens. This allowed lens wearers 30 continuous safe days and nights of wear. Just 30, not 180. And although it is too late for this woman, CSIRO is currently working on an implantable lens that can correct vision defects for years at a time, which will be a fantastic breakthrough for those with vision defects.

BioPacific Partners has strong links with research groups in CSIRO; this way we can keep our eyes open for any new opportunities that may be of interest to our global partners.

By Emma Armitage, Business Analyst, BioPacific Partners

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