With dairy a major component of New Zealand’s economy, it should come as little surprise that our researchers are internationally recognised for their work to add value in this space. One of the key universities in this industry is Massey University. In keeping with its high international regard, Massey’s Professor Hajinder Singh has been awarded the 2015 International Dairy Foods Association Award in Dairy Food Processing from the American Dairy Science Association.

This award recognises individuals whose research findings have allowed dairy food processors to develop new products and to make a significant improvement in the quality, safety or processing efficiency of dairy foods. Singh is the first recipient from outside North America to receive the award. The award will likely join a crowded wall in his office, sitting alongside other prestigious awards including the William Haines Dairy Science Award (USA) and the Marschall Rhodia International Dairy Science Award (USA), plus the Prime Minister’s Science Prize, the highest science honour in New Zealand. Singh is also a recently elected Fellow of the United States Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

As one of the highest cited researchers in agricultural sciences, he has received research funding of over $40 million from food companies and government organisations around the world. He is currently the Director of the Institute of Food Science and Technology at Massey, the largest research grouping in food and nutritional sciences in the Southern Hemisphere. The Institute works with groups including Riddet Institute and the FoodHQ to focus on innovation in functional foods, dietetics, food processing and digestion. The award recognises both Singh’s contribution to the industry and reinforces Massey University’s, Riddet Institute’s and New Zealand’s roles as leaders in dairy science and technology.

By Emma Armitage, Business Analyst, BioPacific Partners

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