Part two of our four-part spotlight on Australia. In this series of short articles, we profile Australia and three of its main cities for life sciences innovation: Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.

Melbourne is globally recognised for its strengths in clinical trials, stem cell research and cancer therapies. Greater Melbourne includes 27 biotechnology research institutes, nine universities and seven teaching hospitals. Among the universities based here are the University of Melbourne and Monash University, ranked in the top 100 life science universities worldwide (Times Higher Education rankings).

Forty-seven listed biotech companies are located in the Melbourne area. CSL Ltd is Australia’s largest biotechnology company and among the world’s largest plasma and vaccine manufacturers. Another Melbourne based company, Biota Holdings Ltd, is known for its development of the flu therapy Relenza which was successfully used to contain the H1N1 Human Swine Flu outbreak in 2009. Taken together, Melbourne has secured its place among the leading global players in the life sciences and particularly healthcare innovations.

While Melbourne is home to the highest number of biomedical R&D companies in Australia, recent developments in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide are worthwhile noting as these cities are strong in other emerging life sciences areas.

BioPacific Partners in Melbourne

BioPacific Partners has a long history with the state of Victoria. In fact, our two Executive Directors are from there. Two of our Venture Partners, David Hudson and Alexander Gosling, are based in Melbourne. We also have ties to the BioMelbourne Network, the state’s industry organisation.

Melbourne is often host to large science conferences in Australia and we are therefore often in the city. For instance, Dr Andrew Kelly is speaking in Melbourne at this week’s Agricultural Bioscience International Conference, a major global congress on agricultural productivity, plant biotech, and strategic investment. We’ll also be at this year’s AusBiotech National Conference and Australia Biotech Invest events, held in Melbourne in October.

BioPacific Partners has strong relationships with companies and institutes operating across Australia, providing our Partners with an extended network of their own. We specialise in bridging the best of innovation from this region into global markets so contact us if you think we can help you, or explore our Innovation Portfolio for real examples of our work.

By Emma Armitage and Joerg Kistler, BioPacific Partners

To read all articles in the Spotlight on Australian life sciences series, see the profiles for  Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

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