The BioPacific Team

Avantika Gupta

Key Account Manager

Avantika leads BioPacific’s pharmaceutical and animal health activity. Her role includes engaging with clients and innovators, asset discovery, technology and risk assessment, deal and market analysis. She is also involved in BioPacific’s sales and marketing.

In addition to this, she has experience in assessing opportunities for deal-making, financial modelling, complex valuations, and management consulting projects. Avantika has previously worked in in public healthcare innovation, university technology transfer, and developing digital marketing strategies. Avantika has enjoyed working in startup environments where she is able to offer operational support to the team in addition to her role as an analyst.

Avantika has a Bachelor of Science in biomedicine, focusing on genetics. She also has a Master of Bioscience Enterprise, where her research thesis focused on understanding how New Zealand companies build relationships with Chinese companies.

Additionally, Avantika leads the West Auckland Chapter of Good Bitches Baking – a national charity trust that gives people a moment of happiness when they are undergoing challenges in their life. Good Bitches Baking offer a sense of community and kindness for organisations such as women’s refuges, homeless shelters and food banks.

Avantika is also BioPacific’s resident pâtissière, baking for birthdays and special occasions (and often, non-occasions). Her work can sometimes be spotted on BioPacific’s twitter account.

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