The BioPacific Team

David Hudson

Venture Partner

Extensive experience in Australian & New Zealand agriculture including a 23 year career with Monsanto involving development of Roundup and introduction of Australia’s first genetically modified crops.  CEO and Director of start-up agbiotech companies, Chair of Ausbiotech’s Food & Ag National Committee.

David Hudson has extensive experience in Australian agriculture, including a 23 year career with Monsanto. David was actively involved in leading Monsanto’s efforts to develop conservation tillage and the introduction of Roundup Ready® canola and Ingard® (Bt) Cotton into Australia.

Since 2005 David has provided consulting services to clients in Australia and globally. His expertise has been sought by clients to assist in the development of strategies and business plans for the introduction of a range of innovative technologies applicable to pastures, grains, horticulture, sugar, cotton, livestock and the seafood industry. He has successfully participated in negotiating a number of R&D collaboration and commercialisation agreements with leading multinational agbiotech companies.

For three years, David was CEO of Leaf Energy, an agbiotech company which focuses on the development of plant based proteins and biofuel production in sugar cane. Recently David has established  a new company with a colleague, PTM Solutions, which is focused on facilitating access to the infrastructure (e.g. regulatory, laboratory, glasshouse and field trials) required to progress agbiotech technologies along the pathway to market.

David is currently chair of the AusBiotech Agriculture, Environment and Industrial committee and a member of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia, Grain Trade Australia Market Access Committee and the Australian Seed Federation Plant Breeders and Marketers Committee. David has been an active contributor to the development of industry policies related to the stewardship of, GM crops and pastures within Australian agriculture.