About BioPacific Partners

BioPacific Partners works with global partners to help connect them with Australian and New Zealand innovations from the region’s world-class science in health, food, and agriculture.

Through close relationships with our global company partners, we gain a deep understanding of their needs and bring relevant technologies and capabilities to their attention. At the same time, we live and work closely with local innovators, encouraging our region’s innovation ecosystem to have a truly global impact.

We add value to both sides. Our global partners stand to gain great value as we work with them at any stage – from the identification of relevant opportunities and intelligence through to deal completion. We canvas all local innovation, providing the region’s opportunities to be showcased to a global audience.

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Our History

BioPacific Partners’ history begins in 2005 with the foundation of BioPacificVentures, a venture investment fund specialising in food, agriculture, health and wellness, and operating across Australia and New Zealand. At NZD$105 million, this fund is the largest specialising in health, food, and agriculture across the region, and consists of investment from multinational corporations.

In 2013, nearing the end of the fund, BioPacific Partners was formed, drawing on the experience the founders gained working in venture capital. BioPacific Partners’ new business model employs more flexible ways to create value for innovation beyond investment or acquisition, including IP licensing, joint research and product development, and build-to-buy options.

BioPacific Partners has now grown to a team of over 14, who bring extensive experience of working with multinational companies and deep knowledge of innovation across Australia and New Zealand.

We have established relationships with over sixty multinational companies, including long-term partnerships under CDA. These achievements have made BioPacific Partners the ideal partner to achieve meaningful deals that are both time and cost-effective.