For Innovators

BioPacific Partners works with multinational partners to understand their wants and needs in the areas of food, health, and agriculture. We then identify innovations across universities, research institutes, and companies in Australia and New Zealand to address what we’ve learnt from our partners.

Our team’s experience and diversity means that BioPacific Partners has unequalled insights and networks across our region, as well as globally. Because of this, we are able to provide innovators with informed market intelligence and suggest the best route to develop their technology.

We often find that our relationship with our partners can open new doors, even when an innovator may already be linked with that company. Ways that multinationals choose to engage could include licensing, collaborative research, joint product development, or investment.

We never charge innovators for our service, nor do we take a slice of their future. This allows us to remain objective and trusted in our assessment for our global partners.

If you believe you could benefit from this, please contact us.