Why Here

Australia & New Zealand is home to world-class science and innovation in food, health & agriculture, and has a positive investment environment.

australia nz life science infographic

World-class Science

Australia & New Zealand: World-class science and innovation in food, health & agriculture.

  • Strong R&D
    • Research: Australia / New Zealand has 5 of the world’s top 100 science universities; 7th in the world for quality of research institutes; top quartile of OECD in education & human capital.
    • Publications: Produces 10x the global average of research publications / capita; produces 5% of the world’s top cited publications in natural sciences.
    • Patents: Highest in world in patents / capita; equal to US & Israel in patents / GDP.
    • People: Have more biotech related PhDs per capita than the USA, UK and Japan; and their excellent work ethic is renowned.
  • Strong innovation & entrepreneurship
    • Innovation: Australia & New Zealand both in top 5 globally for early stage entrepreneurship
    • Regulation: Closely aligned with US & EU regarding standards but faster approvals and lower costs; no EFSA type regulatory hurdles; top ranking globally for ease of doing business
    • IP protection: Strong rule of law (UK-based); strong patent legislation; part of PCT

Investment Environment

A positive investment environment:

  • Very strong government support, especially food, health & agriculture
    • R&D expenditure: Growing at 14% per annum.
    • Generous R&D grants: 45% rebate in Australia; 20% in New Zealand.
  • But under-invested:
    • A heavily private economy: 68% of New Zealand’s and 35% of Australia’s top 100 companies are unlisted – compared to zero percent of the USA’s.
    • Less than 1% of companies are publicly listed in New Zealand; less than 1.5% in Australia:

      Private Economy

      Percentage of top 100 companies which are unlisted.

    • There is very low investment pressure: private equity transactions account for only 4% of all major transactions in Australia/New Zealand, compared to 10% in North America and 13% in Europe:


      Private equity transaction as % of total transactions.

    • So in contrast to having one of the highest levels of patents per capita the region has among the lowest levels of private equity investment


The region is unique:

  • A first-world gateway to Asia-Pacific
    • Closely networked with regional neighbours South-East Asia and China
    • Predominant economic focus on Asia
    • First-world legal, regulatory and business environment
  • Truly unique ecosystem
    • Our flora and fauna are quite unique in all the world due to long evolutionary isolation