Our team are trained and experienced in both science and business, with a broad range of expertise across various Life Sciences industries. We utilise our extensive skills to help you achieve your goals. Reach out to our team to discuss how we can best work with you.


BioPacific Partners is well supported by some of the leading expertise in the industry. They bring a diverse range of expertise and experience across the Life Sciences to feed into BioPacific’s support of you and your team.

BioPacific Partners

Alexander Gosling

Manufacturing, Design, Governance (Ex-Invetech)
BioPacific Partners

David Hudson

Agribiotech, Regulatory (Ex-Monsanto)
BioPacific Partners

Dr Mel Bridges

IPOs, Fund-raising, Governance (Ex-Peptech)
BioPacific Partners

Aki von Roy

Governance, Start-ups, Big Pharma (Ex-Bristol Myers Squibb)
BioPacific Partners

Dr Lesley Stevenson

Food, Nutrition, Regulatory (Ex-Abbott Nutrition)
BioPacific Partners

Dr Steve Meller

Fund-raising, Cleantech, US (Ex-Proctor & Gamble)
BioPacific Partners

Professor Peter Andrews

Pharma, Start-ups, Governance (Ex-Chief Scientist Queensland)

Bruce McConnell

Food, FMCG, Ingredients (Ex-Nestle)

Tim McCready

Consumer health, FMCG (EX-NZTE)

Dr Tim Stirrup

IP, Commercialisation, Patent Attorney (Ex-Baldwins)

Peter Traianou

Medical and Surgical Devices (Ex-medtronic)

Dr Mike Packer

Marine Science, Aquaculture (Ex-Cawthron Institute)