Unlocking the region’s innovation potential

BioPacific Partners is committed to redefining ‘venture’ in food, health and agriculture in our region, to the benefit of local innovators seeking investment and global investors seeking competitive technologies.


A rich source of innovative new products

Found only in New Zealand, the green lipped mussel, Perna canalicula, is a sustainably managed species that has received substantial research interest for anti-inflammatory substances in its meat.


Tapping in to the region’s unique biology

An intensely blue mushroom endemic in New Zealand, its natural blue pigment has potential applications ranging from food to cosmetics, and as an indicator of oxidation.

Innovation Portfolio

BioPacific Partners provides the bridge to introduce global companies to the best of ‘down-under’ innovation in food, health, and agriculture.

Our Team

BioPacific Partners has developed a team of highly regarded industry leaders widely distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand.

For Global Partners

BioPacific Partners helps you to invest in your pipeline by unlocking world class innovations from Australia and New Zealand.

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For innovators

BioPacific Partners short-cuts the path to market for innovators by working with our global corporate partners.

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