BioPacific Partners offers a suite of services to global corporates, domestic innovator companies or universities and government organisations in health, food and agricultural industries. We offer a variety of flexible arrangements that are personalised to best meet your needs and reach your strategic objectives.


Connecting multinational companies in the life sciences with cutting-edge innovation across Australia & New Zealand.


Facilitating ANZ innovation entering the global market with a range of services to support your business growth.


Provide in-depth strategic advice and generate reports and analyses for governments & public sector organisations.



Search Evaluation

We help global companies to invest in their pipeline by identifying and securing world-class innovations from Australia and New Zealand. Deeply embedded in the regional innovation community, we can work with you to scout and access innovations relevant to your wants and needs – from universities and research institutes through to start up and mature companies and technologies.

Secure Innovation

Our well-networked team of professional deal makers can successfully secure valuable additions to your pipeline working from exploration of local innovations through to deal completion. This could include collaboration, licensing, material supply, equity investment, and acquisition.


Innovation Landscaping

Through our extensive networks both domestically and internationally we have an in-depth understanding of the life sciences, health, food and agriculture industries, including global trends and market needs. Our team is able to comprehensively research and analyse areas of interest to you to support your business activities. Engage our team for tasks such as landscape reviews, competitor analysis, identification of KOL’s or potential collaboration partners and opportunity assessments.


Project Management

We have extensive experience with collaborative or contracted research. We can provide a local presence that ensures the project is staying ‘on track’ from the perspective of our multinational client. We can provide quality control, mitigate potential glitches and help troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Transaction Services

We can help you close deals in this region by providing transaction services, including local management of the deal process, providing local intelligence and members for your deal team, technical due diligence, and commercial intelligence.

Visit Programme Planning & Hosting

BioPacific Partners can arrange itineraries for visits to Australia & New Zealand, utilising our connections to identify the most valuable stakeholders to engage with and maximise your time in the specified location(s). Our support can cover the identification of key stakeholders, meeting set-ups and briefings, travel planning, provision of comprehensive information prior to the visit and other hosting duties as required.


Market Intelligence

We bring you an understanding of who else is in ‘your’ space with similar technology or a different technology producing the same or similar outcomes. We look at the demand for your technology, your specific points of differences and consider what other applications may be relevant.


Commercialisation Advice

We can advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your product and/or data from the perspective of gaining the interest of the multinationals. We can also help you tailor your presentation to the audience you need to ‘sell’ to. We are also experienced in creating slide decks that will maintain the message when being forwarded within the multinational company.


Preparation for Investment

BioPacific Partners can help you prepare for investment by analysing your technology and identifying the data required by investment banks or for attracting VC investment.

Science Due Diligence

This is a service that has been particularly valued by companies producing a product that is consumer-facing and do not have a scientist embedded in the company. BioPacific Partners will research and analyse science/health claims that the company wishes to make, providing references that verify the analysis.


Strategic Intelligence

Using our depth of expertise in the global life science ecosystem and our experienced research ability, BioPacific Partners produces reports and analyses for governments & public sector organisations, and provides in-depth strategic advice. This intelligence can include detail on global trends and landscapes, the identification of specific strengths and opportunities within Australia and New Zealand, and in-depth consultancy projects involving interviews with global corporates.

Visit Programme Planning & Hosting

We create itineraries for global corporates invited by government to visit the Australia & New Zealand markets, using our breadth of connections to identify the most relevant and valuable stakeholders to engage with. Our support can cover the identification of key stakeholders, meeting set-up and briefings, travel planning, provision of comprehensive information prior to the visit, hosting duties and post-visit assistance to ensure outcomes are followed-up on.

Advisory & Governance Roles

We take advisory and governance roles on boards of government organisations & provide grant and scientific assessment expertise using our deep knowledge of global markets, business development expertise and scientific background.