The BioPacific Team

Aki von Roy

Venture Partner

Venture Partner at BioPacificVentures since 2005. Previous roles include: President, Europe for Bristol-Myers Squibb; Schering AG (now Bayer Pharma) in the UK, NZ, Sweden, USA and Germany; Founding CEO of Proacta and CoDaTherapeutics.  Entrepreneur and angel investor in the life sciences.

Aki spent 30 years working in big pharma and is the former European president of pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb, responsible for US$ 2.2 billion in sales, more than 7,500 employees and some 40 subsidiaries. In 1997, he retired from BMS to establish RvR Associates, a private investment firm specialising in health and related matters.

Aki has been involved for over 12 years in biotech – including 18 start-up or merger ventures as director and/or investor. He is well known in the New Zealand biotechnology community for his role in leading a $12 million Series A fund raising for Proacta.

Aki is currently the Executive Chairman of CuroNZ, and Director of Biomatters.