The BioPacific Team

Dr. Andrew Kelly

Executive Director

Executive Director & Co-Founder of BioPacific Partners. PhD with management training and dedicated to bringing world-class innovation to address major unmet needs. Broadly experienced & networked across food & agriculture over a 35-year career spanning the spectrum from discovery science to commercial success.

Andrew’s long and unusual career has been focused in equal measures of research, commercialisation and investment.

Starting with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree in the late 1970s, Andrew engaged in life science R&D in Australia & Canada, including Masters and PhD degrees, during the 1980s. He then led three separate research institutes – the Pastoral & Veterinary Institute (1992-1996), the Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (1997) and Invermay Research Centre (1998-2002). In the early 2000s Andrew led Product Development for the large New Zealand R&D organisation, AgResearch including deep engagement with start-ups and fund-raising.

In 2005 Andrew co-founded BioPacificVentures, the first specialist venture fund focused on food, agriculture and health in Australia & New Zealand, which he led for 10 years. In 2014 Andrew co-founded BioPacific Partners, partnering with some of the largest global companies investing and engaging with local innovation.

The integration of these experiences means that Andrew has considerable skill in how to navigate innovation through the difficulties of product development and commercialisation to address unmet needs, especially in food, health & agriculture. His skills are widely recognised now by the number of high level engagements he is receiving such as Ausbiotech’s National Committee on Agricultural, Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology (which he has chaired); the Investment Committee of New Zealand’s national network of R&D providers, KiwiNet; the National Advisory Board of NZBIO; and numerous other institutional, university and government advisory roles.

Finally, Andrew is an excellent communicator with a real passion for sharing his knowledge and has been a popular speaker and educator in several forums.