Australia and New Zealand’s world-class science in health, food, and agriculture is widely recognised among multinational companies. However, partnering and investment opportunities in this region can be constrained due to geographical separation and the cost of maintaining a team here.

BioPacific Partners offers a suite of services to fill this gap in a cost-effective way by connecting multinational company clients with cutting-edge innovations across Australia & New Zealand to match their wants and needs.


We work under CDA to our corporate clients to gain a thorough understanding of their needs and wants. We can then assess innovators and frame our reports through this lens.

Because we have many corporate clients across a number of sectors we are able to make enquiries about innovations or capabilities without disclosing the name of the interested corporate. Many of our clients appreciate the ability to be anonymous during the early stages of interaction.

We always ensure that the information supplied to our corporate clients is non-confidential, even if it has been difficult to find, thereby providing protection against contamination of our clients I.P. When, if, mutual interest is established we facilitate the signing of a CDA directly between the corporate and the innovator body.

Our business relationship with you is based on fee-for-service, rather than a success fee, so you can be assured that our advice is objective and unbiased.


Search & evaluation 

BioPacific Partners helps global companies to invest in their pipeline by identifying and securing world-class innovations from Australia and New Zealand. Embedded in the Australia & New Zealand innovation community, we can work with you to access innovation relevant to your wants and needs – from universities and research institutes through to startup and mature companies and technologies.

With our strong links to Australia & New Zealand’s rich pool of cutting-edge innovations over a geographical area that can be challenging to cover, our focus is on connecting you with relevant opportunities, technologies, and innovations that could provide a global advantage.

Working in a manner that suits you best, our team brings our extensive networks, insights and technical expertise to establish successful connections between your team and ANZ’s innovation community.

Secure innovation

Our well-networked team of professional deal makers can successfully secure valuable additions to your pipeline working from exploration of local innovations through to deal completion. This could include collaboration, licensing, material supply, equity investment, and acquisition.

ANZ Landscape Insight

Through our extensive networks both domestically and internationally we have an in-depth understanding of the life sciences, food and agriculture industries, including global trends and market needs. Combined with our robust analytical skills, our team are able to comprehensively research and analyse areas of interest to you to support your business activities.

Engage our team for tasks such as landscape reviews, competitor analysis, identification of KOL’s or potential collaboration partners and opportunity assessments.

Project Management

BioPacific’s broad team includes significant experience with collaborative or contracted research. We can provide a local presence that ensures the project is staying ‘on track’ from the perspective of our multinational client. We can provide quality control, mitigate potential glitches and help troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Visit program planning & hosting of visitors

BioPacific Partners can create schedules for those wishing to visit the Australia & New Zealand markets, utilising our connections to identify the most valuable stakeholders to engage with and to maximize your time in your specified location(s). Our support can cover the identification of key stakeholders, meeting set-ups and briefing of expectations, travel planning, provision of comprehensive information prior to the visit and other hosting duties as required.

A virtual extension of your OI team

Become an “open access” partner by contracting us on a retainer basis. Working under a CDA, we have regular telecoms with as many of your open innovation/search and evaluation team members as you wish. We can provide all of the above services, without the need to establish a new contract each time.

Local Due Diligence

Across our team, we have considerable experience in closing deals and therefore an understanding of the requirements of our multinational clients. We fully understand that you will want to take full responsibility for any decisions. However, we can provide local information and insights regarding legal and accounting bodies and ensure that the innovator entity of interest full understands your requirements, aiding in fulfilling them, if necessary.